Refuge Gana Rossa 

Our beautiful Gana Rossa refuge is nestled in a typical alpine landscape with a view that cannot be missed.
The hut is a valuable asset made available to all mountain lovers. This is a rustic alpine hut, without a warden, where you can enjoy the simple life in contact with nature.

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For information or reservations please contact the following number:

Sigra. Da Tos Paola
Telefono +41 79 353 51 28


Unsupervised hut located on a small terrace from where you can enjoy a wonderful view of the surrounding peaks.
The area has a rich flora; chamois, roe deer, deer and marmots reign supreme.
A tiny pond nearby lends a poetic touch to the surroundings.

Masonry construction. Kitchen, refectory with wood-burning stove, dormitory for 12 persons, atrium with storage room and bathroom. Lighting with solar panel. Also suitable for ski tours.

Apertura   Open all year round
  • Motella Lakes; reachable in 50 minutes by ascending behind the water basin upstream of the hut, then passing behind Poncione di Mezzo. From the lakes you can descend to the Mottella Alp then to the Stou Alp (path to Molare) or via the Vignone Alp to Carì di Dentro. Route for well-equipped hikers and only in good weather.
  • Baretta Pass - Blenio Valley

Ascents           Pizzo Campello (2660 m.)
                         Pizzo Molare (2585 m.)
                         Cima di Gana Rossa (2565 m.)
Access routes 

From Carì :  
Sentiero del Montanaro fino a Carì 2000 (1h 15') poi verso Gana Rossa (1h 30'). Height difference 650 m.
Carì - Carì di Dentro - Alpe Vignone - Gana Rossa (2 h).
Height difference 650 m.

Seggiovia*  fino Carì 2000 - Gana Rossa.     
Height difference 300 m.

Seggiovia*  fino al Lèi di Carì - Gana Rossa (1h 15') Dislivello 150 m.

From Predelp :
Predelp - Carì 2000 (1h 15') poi verso Gana Rossa  
(1 h 30'). Height difference 600 m.

From Molare :
Molare - Alpe di Stou - Alpe Vignone - Gana Rossa
(2 h). Height difference 790 m.

* check lift opening on

Maps             CNS 1 : 25 000 foglio no.1252 * Ambrì-Piotta 


CH1903+ / LV95 2'707'999.0, 1'151'527.0
CH1903 / LV03 707'998.61, 151'527.46
WGS 84 (lat/lon) 46.50634, 8.84575
  46°30′22.827″N 8°50′44.696″E
UTM 488'165, 5'150'319 (zone 32T)
MGRS 32TMS 88165 50319
what3words trovava.indosso.bugia
Altitude 2272.4 m

Reservation status Refuge Gana  Rossa

riservazione 2 posti letto
sab 15.06.2024 13:00 -
dom 16.06.2024 13:15
riservazione capanna per 3 persone
dom 04.08.2024 12:00 -
lun 05.08.2024 12:15
Innaugurazione Gana Rossa
sab 31.08.2024 -
dom 01.09.2024
riservazione per inagurazione ( data di riserva)
sab 07.09.2024 -
dom 08.09.2024

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